Google Boost SEO

Search Engine Optimisation and more!

Let’s keep it simple – our goal is to get your site to the top of Google. And we’re pretty good at it. 

Each website we build comes with optimisation to achieve a good result when your potential clients search for businesses such as yours. 

On top of this, our marketing services include ‘Google Boost’ SEO (search engine optimisation). We take a good look at your competitors and then plan how to beat their rankings. There’s no easy way to do this and and our strategy is multi-faceted, but we do get results – very good results – most of the time!

For example, we have the first page in Google for two separate clients for ‘painters and decorators in Eastbourne’. Another client for ‘Italian restaurants in Hull’, another for ‘electricians in Hailsham’. A further client is top for ‘cleaners in Eastbourne’. Do a search in your own area and see where you currently rank, then get in touch and see what we can do for your business!

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Page 1, for 18 keywords!!

Our client, Healan Ingredients, operates in the highly competitive food industry. They know how hard it is to compete against industry giants and chose TWO as their preferred agency to help increase their website search presence.

Our Google Boost services have achieved fantastic organic search results for and they are now on PAGE 1 of Google for 18 of their chosen key phrases, including:
gelatine suppliers, collagen suppliers, hydrocolloid suppliers.

Through careful analysis and regular updating, TWO have even achieved 7 First Position on page 1 ranks for their chosen keywords/phrases, including ‘gelatine suppliers’. This has saved the need for sponsored listings.